Cancer new moon motivation

Wait, what has the 22 August got to do with Cancer season, you ask? Well read on, all will be revealed… I’m no astrologer, but you wouldn’t think the watery, homebody Cancerian mood would translate into suddenly wanting to become an entrepreneur. Apparently though, this new moon is hitting my 11th house of networking, onlineContinue reading “Cancer new moon motivation”

When are you ready to read tarot for others?

There are a few stories out there of people who picked up a deck of tarot cards, flicked through it with a coffee then went out to read for strangers, but I bet not that many. The issue is, when you first begin to ‘learn’ tarot, generally you don’t really know what your intuition soundsContinue reading “When are you ready to read tarot for others?”

Autumn Equinox/Temperance

Happy equinox, where the days and nights are equal, and we move into the sign of the balancing scales, Libra. Yesterday this guy kept falling out of the deck while I was reading and now I can’t get him out of my head. Temperance in tarot is also balance and moderation, and being a majorContinue reading “Autumn Equinox/Temperance”

Witch Please

By Victoria MaxwellReview Do you believe in magic? If so, can you learn magic from a book? I was a bit suspicious of this practical guide to ‘modern magic’ but then I read the introduction. “You won’t find magic in the pages of this book because the magic you are looking for is inside ofContinue reading “Witch Please”

Welcome to mystic panda

A bit of backstory. Just before covid19 lockdown I went to see my reflexologist and she finished the session with some reiki. I don’t usually like to receive reiki as it makes me cry. But this time, lying with my eyes closed, all I could see was a majestic flying white horse, a Pegasus. IContinue reading “Welcome to mystic panda”