Cancer new moon motivation

Wait, what has the 22 August got to do with Cancer season, you ask? Well read on, all will be revealed… I’m no astrologer, but you wouldn’t think the watery, homebody Cancerian mood would translate into suddenly wanting to become an entrepreneur. Apparently though, this new moon is hitting my 11th house of networking, online community, friends and public life (and I’ve got Uranus doing his unpredictable thing in my work sector). Yes, I’m blaming it on the stars that I’ve decided to start a small but perfectly formed retail business, as an indie tarot store! Mainly for the UK community where it’s quite hard to get hold of US decks now because… Brexit (thanks Boris). But I’m also hoping to support UK creators too, of course.

I’m starting small because I have a full time job (and also no investors). What I have got though is determination and a love for all the artists and creators and tarot and oracle readers I’ve met via Instagram who have all made this horrible pandemic a little bit lighter and brighter with their offerings.

If you are in the UK and have any ideas of tarot or oracle decks you would like to see available, please do leave a comment. I want this venture to be about community and cooperation – by witches for witches! I will reveal the store in due course (but 22 August looks like an auspicious day to start trading, no? – see pic).

Happy new moon to you, wherever you are.

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