When are you ready to read tarot for others?

There are a few stories out there of people who picked up a deck of tarot cards, flicked through it with a coffee then went out to read for strangers, but I bet not that many. The issue is, when you first begin to ‘learn’ tarot, generally you don’t really know what your intuition sounds like. At least, I didn’t.

Thirty years ago when I first studied the little white book of the Rider-Waite-Colman tarot, I memorised all the meanings. That took a while, considering there are 78 cards and they all have reverse meanings too. Then I looked into symbolism. So when I was doing a reading for myself, I was merely stringing consecutive meanings together, mostly to get the answer to “will he call me again”…!

The next stage was that I started getting ‘feelings’ from a tarot spread, and sentences and words would pop into my head. Also the cards never seemed to be telling a story that didn’t make sense. But still, I wasn’t reading for others. My question is, do you ever know you are ready? I guess you have to begin to know…

Since I have started my instagram page, I have done a few two card readings, oracle card draws and so on. The world has not ended. No one has said “that was horseshit” or “call yourself a tarot reader?” So I guess the universe is saying it’s OK to carry on… (to be fair I would still carry on even if I did get those responses) .

The above is a reading I did for someone who was having a wobble about moving abroad for work. The first two cards (Emperor and Ace of Pentacles) fell out while I was shuffling. I thought ‘new business empire’. Then I drew for mind, body, spirit, next line: past, present, future and three cards of advice below on the bottom line. I can see that this will be an experience which will have a profound effect on the sitter, there is transformation in body and soul (Judgement, Hermit and Death). However, this person has the fortitude and experience (Chariot and Elder of Wands) to pull it off. One thing for sure is the person who returns will not be the person who leaves now. With this reading and with reading for others, we just have to follow the star…

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