Autumn Equinox/Temperance

Happy equinox, where the days and nights are equal, and we move into the sign of the balancing scales, Libra. Yesterday this guy kept falling out of the deck while I was reading and now I can’t get him out of my head. Temperance in tarot is also balance and moderation, and being a major arcana card has more clout than say the twos, which can also intimate a balancing act.

Balance is not easy, otherwise we’d all be doing it. We strive to have a “work/life balance” or balance the weighing scales by moderating our diet. Balancing finances is tricky at the best of times let alone when you have lost your job or are in debt. Sometimes balance can look like spinning plates or trying not to fall over.

This heron is balancing the raging fire with his own tears. This does not feel healthy to me. This card, from The Wild Unknown Tarot has a melancholy that other Temperance cards do not transmute. Why is his job so hard? Why is the fire his problem? Does he have enough tears to put it out? Ask yourself if you are working so hard to balance your work life, your relationship or home situation that it is causing you more upset than it is worth. Temperance calls for self-preservation as well.

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