Witch Please

By Victoria Maxwell

Do you believe in magic? If so, can you learn magic from a book? I was a bit suspicious of this practical guide to ‘modern magic’ but then I read the introduction. “You won’t find magic in the pages of this book because the magic you are looking for is inside of you”. Victoria, aka @newagehipster333 goes on to say that she’s a bit of a spiritual hot mess, rather than pure witch, after years of trying out different beliefs, methods and practices. Other names she goes by include mystic, spiritual seeker, starseed, priestess, magician, lightworker and a Hufflepuff.

So on to remembering your own magic and harnessing it for empowerment and enlightenment purposes. Witch Please is split into two parts, the first covering spiritual basics like tuning into your intuition and guides, grounding and protection, clearing your energy and magical tools to use. The tools to help you access your magic include tarot and other divination cards, crystals and a grimoire. So far so good – you probably have used these methods and tools in your work but it is a good reminder of best practice and not having to have the whole contents of spiritual Etsy in your cupboards.

Part two is the practical magic guide and covers relationships, the home, money magic and loving your career and finding your purpose. I skipped over some of the self-love is magic stuff (because I’ve been around the block and found this out a long time ago) but did try out the money alter. To be honest I had found out that the kitchen sink was in my finances and prosperity area of my house according to feng shui rules, and thought I had better try and do something about it. Especially as the money plant I had kept on the windowsill there previously had caught a terrible disease and died.

I set up a candle, a shell, some pyrite and clear quartz with a £20 note underneath as an offering. I wrote out a money magnet sigil I found on Instagram and placed it underneath the shell. I then did a quick visualisation of cash filling up the house. No kidding, a few minutes later I had a notification on my phone that someone had bought my sparkly trainers on Vinted and an hour after that I had an email saying my work contract had been extended. A happy coincidence? or magic? I know what I would like to believe, so it is. So be it.

Mystic points: 7/10
Best for: Apprentice witches, refreshing your skills, people who are not grumpy old fogeys
Good bits: Easy to read, practical instructions
Bad bits: A bit mushy in parts

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