Welcome to mystic panda

A bit of backstory. Just before covid19 lockdown I went to see my reflexologist and she finished the session with some reiki. I don’t usually like to receive reiki as it makes me cry. But this time, lying with my eyes closed, all I could see was a majestic flying white horse, a Pegasus. I went home and looked up the meaning. Pegasus was said to be the link between the spirit and the earth, a healing messenger. OK, fair enough, a nice little love note from the universe. Then during the first few weeks of lockdown, I had some strange experiences when I was doing my state-sanctioned exercise, like I was somewhere else, another time in my past. Everything even smelled different. I wrote on my Facebook that I had stayed in the house so long I was having some kind of spiritual experience. It was true, that felt the ‘essence’ of what was really me for the first time in well over a decade. Something was back that had been gone a long time. That’s when I began reading tarot again, and watching astrology and other woo casts online. A friend encouraged me to start an Instagram account (and even set it up for me, thank you Al). I enjoy my daily postings there but as a former writer (are you ever an ex-writer?) I have been wanting a bit more space for my thoughts. And why journal when you can publish?

In the last few months, I have been reading as many books as I can get my hands on, from healing energy manuals to gardening memoirs, and ordering a probably obscene amount of tarot and oracle decks from all over the world. Some of them are still stuck in Chicago. I love the art work of the cards, the messages, the way some decks are light and fluffy with the way they come across and others are just NO BS. Some just don’t want to be read at all and you can find those on my eBay account.

I may have been reading and studying tarot for 30 years but there is always so much to learn. With the world in a state of emergency and when we have little agency in the outcome, it feels like the right time to share knowledge, ask questions, be within a community of like minded souls and maybe bring some light on this difficult journey…

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